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  1. China: Catalogue of products subject to Energy Efficiency Labelling
  2. Issue Date:2016-01-08 17:49
  3. China's NDRC, AQSIQ, and CNCA jointly published Announcement No. 14 on 24 June 2015, listing the revised national catalogue of products subject to energy efficiency labelling together with sample of energy efficiency labels and implementation rules for all products. The 35 products listed in the catalogue are as follows: household refrigerators room air conditioners washing machines unit air conditioners self-ballasted lamp for general use high pressure sodium lamps small and medium three-phase asynchronous motors water chillers domestic gas instantaneous water heaters and gas fired heating and hot water combi-boilers variable speed room air conditioners multi-split air conditioning (heat pump) system electrical storage water heaters household induction cookers computer monitors copiers, printers and fax machines automatic rice cookers electric fans AC contactors displacement air compressor power transformers fan systems flat screen televisions household and similar microwave ovens digital television adaptors (set-top boxes) refrigerated display cabinets with remote condensing units domestic solar water heating systems microcomputers range hoods heat pump water heaters domestic gas cooking appliances commercial gas cooking appliances water-source (ground-source) heat pumps lithium bromide absorption chillers non-directional self-ballasted LED-lamps for general lighting services projectors The implementation rules will come into force on 1 October 2016 and the rules for water chillers will apply from 1 January 2017. Previous implementation rules for each product category are repealed by the 2016 provisions with effect from their implementation.