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  1. Argentina: Radio/Telecom Approvals changes name
  2. Issue Date:2015-08-17 15:32
  3. As of 1 June 2015, the AUTORIDAD FEDERAL DE TECNOLOGIAS DE LA INFORMACION Y LAS COMUNICACIONES (AFTIC) was formed to execute the duties of the previous National Communications Commission (CNC). Article 77 of Law Number 27078 "Argentina Digital" became effective from June 2015 and replaced previous laws regulated by CNC. 

    AFTIC is the agency responsible for the standardisation of communications equipment in Argentina. This normalisation is done through the issuance of technical standards based on: 

    a) User Safety 

    b) Efficient use of the radio spectrum 

    c) Ensure compatibility with networks and communications systems authorised certification of equipment and permission to market and / or use in the country, recognises three categories 

    1. Approval: verified that the equipment complies with the relevant technical standards. 

    2. Coding: Similar to the approval but for teams that do not have specific technical standards. 

    3. Authorisation: the procedure is the same as the previous two, as appropriate, but restricting the use of the person (natural or legal) registrant.