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  1. IC has wide expertise and technical resources to help you comply with both regulations and your technical specifications. Our comprehensive testing services portfolio includes performance tests, mechanical tests and other specialised tests.
    Materials Testing
    Confirm the suitability of raw materials and components
    Comparative Testing (Benchmarking)
    Benchmark your products against others in the market

    ¡øShore Type A
    ¡øShore Type D Hardness
    ¡øTensile Strength
    ¡øElongation at break
    ¡øTensile Modulus
    ¡øFlexural Strength
    ¡øFlexural Modulus
    ¡øIZOD Impact Strength
    ¡øCHARPY Impact Strength
    ¡øTearing Strength
    ¡øPeeling Strength
    ¡øPuncture Strength
    ¡øCompression Strength
    ¡øFalling Weight Impact Strength