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  1. Toys and juvenile products are strictly regulated to ensure that they are safe for use.  Failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in unexpected costs or worse, harm your customers and do irreparable damage to your brand. IC provides the reliable, single source solution your company needs to help you bring safe children¡¯s products and premiums to market.
    IC Advantages & Benefits
    Your IC team of managers, engineers, chemists, and biologists maintain working relationships with US & International regulations and standards organizations including the FDA, CPSC, TMA, ASTM, TPMA, Product Safety (Health Canada) and CEN.
    Advanced testing and marking:
    1 provides early detection of inadequate design, substandard material supply and unreliable production
    2 avoid unexpected costs
    3 protect your brand
    4 help ensure that your products comply with regulations, standards and contractual specifications

    Products Covered:

    ¡øPlastic and Hard Toys
    ¡øPlush Toys
    ¡øProjectile Toys
    ¡øBattery Operated Toys
    ¡øGames and Puzzles
    ¡øDecorative Collectables And Figurines
    ¡øJewelry and Other Sundry Items
    ¡øChildren¡¯s Furniture
    ¡øRide-On Toys
    ¡øChildren¡¯s Creative Art Material (Lhama)
    ¡øJuvenile Products
    ¡øPremiums and Promotions
    ¡øChildren¡¯s Nursery Items
    ¡øBooks and Children¡¯s Stationery
    ¡øHats and Hair Accessories
    ¡øToys in Food
    ¡øand Much More