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  1. Our testing and certification services for electrical equipment, electronic and telecommunication equipment help you incorporate critical construction criteria and compliance requirements from the design stage to the end of life-cycle. The applicable regulations and standards are identified for the specific product and target market. Testing and process assessment are the basis for certification marks which are mandatory or crucial selling prerequisites. We provide these services through our local, accredited laboratories and certification units. Products including luminaries, audio video and automotive products, household/industrial products, IT & telecommunications equipments, and components can move faster to market.

    ¡øEMC Services
    ¡øProduct Safety Services
    ¡øRoHS Services
    ¡øFull-Compliance Testing
    ¡øPre-Compliance Testing
    ¡øSafety Certifications
    ¡øFactory Assessment
    ¡øREACH Services
    ¡øSustainability: Social Responsibility (SR)