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  1. Food safety and quality are increasingly under the scrutiny of regulators and consumers. Products that meet these high expectations prevent costly recalls and protect brand reputation. Primary producers, processors, retailers and catering establishments now recognize the need for independent monitoring of their products, processes and services. Throughout the whole food supply chain we provide efficient support and risk protection through our local food experts and laboratories on raw, semi-manufactured foodstuff and final products in all principal food segments including animal origin food products (meat, seafood, dairy products), plant origin food products (fruits and vegetables) and bread, beverages and meals.
    The same requests we have concerning Beverages: Natural mineral water, soft drinks and medicinal water are particularly sensitive commodities in our daily lives and require a high level of vigilance in regard to extraction, production and packaging. IC Institut Fresenius in Germany provides support to companies in the beverage industry in their day-to-day operations, in planning and in troubleshooting in all issues concerning quality assurance. We are especially recognised in this industry, as our name stands for quality and reliability ? nationally and internationally. We provide you with support in quality assurance throughout the entire product cycle - from raw materials to production right up to the point where the product reaches the customer.

    ¡øFood Safety Inspection
    ¡øFood Safety Testing
    ¡øMelamine Testing
    ¡øPesticide Residues of Veterinary Drugs Test
    ¡øCleaning Products Testing
    ¡øCosmetics Testing
    ¡øAntibacterial test
    ¡øSensory evaluation services
    ¡øNutrition Label Service
    ¡øWater Quality Testing