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  1. International Certifications Ltd. (IC) is an ANAB accredited and IATF approved registrar with a different approach to registration services. At IC we believe international standards such as ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO/TS 16949 should provide the framework to run a successful organization. Our experienced and competent auditors continually demonstrate a ¡®business-minded¡¯ approach to auditing that assists our customers with improving their operations and bottom line.
    IC was founded in 1986 to provide the best customer service in the industry to organizations of all sizes and scopes. We believe the relationship between a registrar, its customers and the auditors is a three-way partnership. This partnership is developed through thorough, value-added audits (Auditors), exceptional service, responsiveness and resources (IC Corporate) and open communication and feedback (Customer).
    IC is an international registrar headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with offices throughout the world including the European Union, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our customer base is heavily diversified from large international manufacturers and service providers to small and medium sized family owned businesses. No matter the size or type of company it is our mission to provide ethical, professional and customer focused registration services that will drive our customers to improved performance and increased profitability.

    ¡øISO 9001
    ¡øISO 14001
    ¡øOHSAS 18001
    ¡øISO 22000
    ¡øISO 13485-2003
    ¡øISO/TS 16949