Reliability Analysis
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  1. Because of the intensive competition nowadays, the product functions and appearance is no longer the focus of competition between companies, they paid more attention on product quality and reliability. IC reliability testing center will provide you with electrical and electronic products quality and reliability test (including IT products, communications products, automobiles, home appliances, small electronics products, etc.) Our business scope covers:
    Quality inspection of electronic components, failure analysis;
    PCBA assembly and quality testing, reliability testing, failure analysis and related design, process improvements recommendations;
    Lead-free soldering and electronic product manufacturing process technology consulting, training, etc;

    ¡øMechanical shock
    ¡øSalt spray
    ¡øClimate UV test
    ¡øMixed gas test
    ¡øMicro Section
    ¡øCoating Analysis
    ¡øHeat Resistance