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  1. In today's market, various environmental regulations and an increased awareness of corporate-social responsibility create a significant need for sustainability solutions for  manufacturers.
    The IC RoHS Program helps manufacturers, retailers and suppliers mitigate the risk of non-compliance to global and national restricted substances regulations. With a proven track record in product safety certification compiled over more than 20 years, IC provides a respected third-party source to help clients monitor their supply chains and self-declare compliance with confidence. Assessment (certificate of conformity) within the framework of testing electronic component and certification provides legal security and improves your market presence and recognition.






    ¡øRed Phosphor




    ¡øNickel release





    ¡øNonyl Phenol (NP)





    ¡øMethyl Mercury





    ¡øHR4040 (CPSIA)


    ¡øAZO Dyes

    ¡øBisphenol A